The restaurant looked at each other and waited for the season

In the past, Minh Tri’s pub could make a profit of 300-400 million per month, now he only wants to break even because “people with money are now afraid to go to the street”.

“But it is very lucky,” Tri said, trying to maintain the operation of the shop. After tightening sanctions on alcohol content, his shop reduced revenue 60%. The “blow” of Covid-19 translates into further declines in revenue.

The shop is located in front of Vo Van Kiet Street, near the foot of Ong Lanh Bridge, Ho Chi Minh City. In the past, the shop could collect 60-70 million on low days or nearly hundred million on peak. Now he only earns 20 million a day. “My shop is average and popular so they go to the street but the shop is more difficult. People who have money are now afraid to go to crowded places when they hear about an epidemic, ”Tri said.

The places to eat, drink, drink and drink belong to the group of “alcoholic” people with more expenses in Ho Chi Minh City. The owner of a lounge on Cao Ba Nha Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, said visitors have been away completely since the outbreak of pneumonia.

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